Clean energy investment, economic development go hand-in-hand

solar panels desert

For years, there has been a running narrative that conservatives are not committed to addressing our real and pressing climate challenges. 

That is, in part, because the conversation has been dominated by those on the far left who advocate for extreme environmental policies that fail to account for the harsh economic consequences that would inevitably result.

What we have heard less frequently are the conversations about environmental solutions that both drive clean energy innovation and support economic development.

But those conversations are happening every day here in Arizona, and those solutions are supported by a wide swath of Arizona voters, including conservatives.

Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions, a conservative organization advancing clean energy policies, and The Western Way, a free-market conservation organization, recently released the results of a poll showing that a majority of Republican voters in Arizona believe climate change is a serious problem and strongly favor investment in the renewable energy sector.

Fully two-thirds of conservative voters in Arizona support accelerating the growth of clean energy in the United States, helping us become a world leader in green economic development. This growth has already begun in Arizona, where individuals and businesses large and small are demanding clean energy sources, our largest utility companies are making robust strides in clean energy production, and innovative companies developing clean energy solutions, like Nikola Corporation and Lucid Motors, are locating their headquarters here.

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