Renewable Energy Enjoys Broad Support Across All Political Groups

Clean Energy Forward Cleantechnia

Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions

Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions bills itself as a conservative advocacy group that promotes free market-based strategies to address the issue of a warming planet. Among its other activities, it pressed the Trump maladministration not to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accords. It has now created a new organization called Clean Energy Forward that is pushing to include renewable energy projects in the economic stimulus packages being considered by Congress.

It stresses that the clean energy sector (including nuclear) is a major creator of new jobs, with 40% of all jobs in the energy sector now held by clean energy workers. In all, it says clean energy employs 3.3 million Americans. Its plea for federal assistance is buttressed by its projection that wind turbine technicians and solar energy installers will be two of the jobs most in demand by 2028.

In a new video, it claims clean energy investments will help stabilize the economy while contributing to a more sustainable environment. It also points out that the United States needs to be competitive in the global energy market, something that is not likely to happen if clean energy initiatives are not included in the stimulus packages being considered by Congress.

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